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Motherhood Reflection

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Being a mother has been an incredible journey thus far, and as I sit here and reflect on the past year, I’m left with a few insights...

Learn to love yourself through all shapes and forms (But Hey!!! Round is a shape, ladies).

Yes having Kailo 2 months shy of 42 years of age gave me plenty of body issues in the postpartum. Still, until today i am struggling to embrace my new mommy body.

It will be a journey and i am learning love my transformation one day at a time.

Find time to nurture the new you, the one hiding under the new mommy.

A birth is not only the birth of a child, it’s also the birth of a mother. That alone can be quite a bit to handle, but we must never lose ourselves as we’re raising our children to leave the nest one day. Always find time for your personal growth and passions.

Stay in the moment.

Yes yes yes...time flies, they grow fast...Stay in the moment with them. Watch them smile, read that book over and over again, massage their little toes, smell their skin, take mental pictures.

Never forget to nourish your relationship with your partner.

Often mothers tend to want to make sure the house, the kids, the kitchen and the laundry is in order. I’m guilty of this as much as any mom out there might be. Some days I’m way too tired or way too busy, but I always try to keep in mind that this journey started with two people in love who wanted to raise a family together. I invite my partner in...But, to my husband’s credit, he doesn’t need an invitation. We’re parents. We’re friends. We’re lovers.

Find humor and laughter in everything.

Motherhood is not that serious. Relax...have fun...It is all about the laughters , the smiles, the giggles, the love.

Listen, It took me 8 months after the birth of my son, to finally put on make-up and get dressed up for our first post-baby date night (and by dressed up I mean jeans, tee shirt and Converse). Baby Kailo decided to have a VERY messy poop explosion right as we were leaving. My husband and I just started laughing so hard. And really those moments of laughter are the ones that echoes the longest...

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