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5 Reason Why You Need A Solo Mommy Trip

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Reason #1

Probably the obvious reason...REST!

This, mama, does not happen if you are in a home with kids. Period. Imagine how it would feel to wake up rested?

Indescribable right?

You might have forgotten so let me try to remind you.

Your eyes just opened….you can feel a little sunlight on your face. Then you hear it...SILENCE.

Your body is slowly waking up. No alarm, no background noise, just the feeling of the sheet against your relaxed body. You don’t even know what time it you just lay there for another 10 mins.

YASSS !!! That is my reason #1

Reason #2


No more of the craziness, cooking , night routines, tea parties, laundry, tantrums etc.

When your day-to-day mommy routine stops, you can see clearly, from an outside view. You can check in, see what you can rearrange, look at where your children are, see their growth, think about how you can support them in a different way. Look at your relationships.

This can only be seen if you pause and reflect.

And being on your own gives you the mental space to do it.

Reason #3


This is an important one. It doesn't matter what religion you are.

Whether it is meditation, prayer, silence.

This should be a daily practice but when you do not have distractions, you can go even deeper.

We, Women, need our spirituality as an ally through motherhood.

My favorite is: please Jesus take the wheel cause I can’t deal.

Reason #4


Being a mom is part of who you are, NOT who you are.

That person before the kids with or without the partner is still here, she is not dead. She is still very much alive. Waiting for you to invite her in.

The one that had fun, wanted to discover the world, go to Paris, had the happy hours with her friends, and stayed up late, she is still here, transformed but her essence is still there.

She wants to come visit and this is your opportunity to honor her. Because she got you here. She loves you and she misses you.



Another obvious one. Traveling is an important part of what feeds your soul.

Discovering new cultures, food, people is what I believe changes the word to be more tolerant.

A huge reason why as a family we travel so much ( check out the Banksies family - yep Shameless plug )

Whether it is at the Four Seasons or an Airbnb, laying by the pool with a cocktail or hiking the Camino de Santiago. It all counts, even a staycation.

So here it is!

Now book that trip, you don’t have to go to Italy, it could be in the city that you live in... and do a staycation. Or even start with an afternoon hike.

Just start your journey to that solo mama trip.

If you want to plan for a future solo mommy trip, check out our momcations for 2021!

Get on the list to receive information so you will be the first to know when it opens up as I will only bring a few mamas with me!

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