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#MomCation | Atlanta

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

This was an Epic Mama Trip!

This was one for the books

I decided to book this trip to Atlanta after a 2 years long Instagram friendship with the gorgeous Instagram Mama Felicia McCall.

This was my first time in Atlanta and very different from my other solo trips. I was going to connect with another mama in a new city.

Felicia is full of life, a colorful spirit and an amazing sense of style.

Prior to meeting Felicia, I was hiding in every sense. I was always behind the camera, feeling comforted from the “responsibility”of capturing our family life through my lens.

It was safe. But it wasn’t who I was.

I was hiding under clothes that were way too big for me. I was hiding. Being visible was a scary thing for me at that time ( Still kind of is…) .

I have forgotten who I was, the woman that loved fashion, colors and loved to dance, travel, laugh and connect with other women.

It felt like motherhood swallowed that woman. She was still there but I never felt she had permission to come out.

Well, Felicia saw right through that. She is a stylist and truly brought colors out of me. She truly has a gift. I have no idea how she did it.

All of the sudden, I saw her, I looked at myself in the mirror with this colorful outfit on and I clearly saw her, looking straight at me and saying: There you are, where have you been?!?

It was an incredible transformation from within.

We laughed, went on a shopping spree, threw in a little vintage shopping , connected and ate A LOT ! ( She is an amazing cook ! )

I realized through this trip to Atlanta that a SoloTrip doesn’t have to be an alone trip. You can definitely go with/or to someone and experience something that will make you grow as a woman.

I definitely have to give a shout out to Felicia Daughter Fadzwa. She is bright, funny, a natural manifesting machine and had the voice of an angel.

I came back full of beautiful memories, a new beautiful friendship and a colorful addition to my wardrobe.

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