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My Trip in Costa Rica before the Quarantine of 2020

This trip was my last Momcation before the quarantine of 2020. I made it back home to LA March 16, 2020.

YES! Right before the Quarantine, right when people went jungle on the toilet paper. And I am so glad I was able to have this Costa Rica getaway with my amazing friend Denise.

This was the longest I have been away from my family on my own.

I was very nervous. It was an international flight but it felt right.

I was just meant to go to a women empowerment seminar in Miami and come back but I saw that the flight to Costa Rica from Miami was only $100...I was sold.

We flew into San Jose and spent 6 days in a gorgeous Resort in Los Suenos.

When we arrived, Denise and I looked at each other, smiled. She asked, “What would you like to do?” I looked at her and said, “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!”

We laughed and she said, "Perfect! Deal!"

All we did for those 6 days was eat amazing food, sleep, drink some Veuve Clicquot champagne, pool and lay on the beach.

I have known Denise for over 20 years, she has been the woman I have looked up to as : THE ONE I WANTED TO BECOME one day! She was my inspiration as a young woman followed by a married woman and finally as a mom.

I realized during that trip why I wanted to share the benefits of traveling solo as a mom. It was a specific moment. It happened while we laid on the beach, Denise gazed around with her beautiful smile and took a deep breath and looked like she was in complete gratitude, thankful for this moment. Taking it all in. She was fully present. I will never forget this moment. Such a beautiful moment. I was at peace.

"Peace is so much deeper than happiness."

I knew it right there and then. I wanted to share this feeling with other moms. I had no idea how and/or people would listen but I feel called to start this journey to guide other moms to this feeling of Peace.

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